Pushan Majumdar


Pushan Majumdar was a Professor in the School of Physical Sciences of Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science, Kolkata, India.  While his primary area of research was  Lattice gauge theory, Pushan took keen interest in a variety of subjects. He earned his  Ph.D. from the Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Chennai, where he worked on improved actions for SU(2) gauge theory. He then joined the Department of Theoretical Physics, TIFR , as a post doctoral fellow, where he took part in the early work on lattice QCD at finite chemical potential during 2000-2001.  Subsequently,  after working as a  post -doctoral fellow at MPI, Munich, University of Graz, and University of Muenster,  in succession, he joined IACS Kolkata in 2007, in the  erstwhile Department of Theoretical Physics . Over and above his indispensable role in the department, Pushan took an active part in building lattice gauge theory in India, and in the larger HEP community, as well as beyond, with his work for the National Supercomputing Mission. Pushan's excellence in computational techniques made him a central figure in a network of collaborations spanning a whole set of topics. He had worked on the properties of flux tubes in Yang-Mills theories and the glueball spectrum, QCD at finite chemical potential, the hadron spectrum of QCD, the diffusion coefficient in strongly interacting matter, and more. He had recently made forays into condensed matter physics where he was interested in understanding topological defects near critical points.
Pushan also had a way of approaching certain mathematical problems, especially in differential geometry, through his intuition on gauge theories and programming. People around him often benefited from his apercus. Pushan Majumdar parted us on 11th May, 2020, leaving us all in utter bereavement. He is survived by his wife and two daughters.  

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